Why do we keep seeing this picture? Or those very similar…

There is some SERIOUS, psychological warfare going on here, and it’s got nothing to do with losing weight!

It’s hard to believe how many companies are actually selling weight-loss drinks nowadays: it’s a seriously lucrative product to sell! It’s also interesting to observe the fitness buzzwords every marketer uses when it comes to selling health and fitness products: gluten free, removes waste, organic, burns fat. Ringing any bells?

People are buying this stuff, even if they know it probably won’t work and is laden with empty promises. Like buying a lottery ticket even when we know the odds of winning are 0% –  what we’re really buying is “hope”:

  • Hope that this will actually work – unlike the last 10 attempts.
  • Hope we can overcome 20 years of bad choices with a beverage.
  • Hope that this product will give us body confidence.

We just HATE when hope gets used to sell us expensive crap that won’t work! So let’s not get fooled anymore. Getting in shape isn’t easy. You need to really want it. But when you do: you feel great!

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