Are you a weekend binger?

If you answered “no”, then we are calling BS! But don’t worry – over 60% of the adult UK population are weekend bingers too.

HOWEVER… Weekend binging is a real problem when it comes to losing weight, and is a major road block to may people’s journey to success.

How often have you heard or said:

“I’m fine during the week……it’s the weekends when I come unstuck.”

With this approach you may never lose any weight and end up getting extremely frustrated at the lack of results from the amount of effort you’re putting in. You see, all the calories you worked your arse off to burn through during the week will become topped back up during one weekend binge sesh.

Here’s an example:

If you were to reduce your daily calories by 500 in order to lose weight, this would equate to 3500 calories deficit per week – which is approximately equal to 1lbs body weight lost.

Congratulations! Shall we celebrate with a pizza?


NO! That's a whopping 3600 calories, which doesn't even take into account whatever else is eaten that day. So it's pretty safe to say these are calories we could do without!

But why do we continue to do it to ourselves?

We have come to the conclusion that there are 3 main reasons:

1 – Lack of structure or a routine at the weekend

Week days are fine because generally we eat at the same times, and if we're in good habits will make good, healthy food choices that we have prepared.

It therefore becomes important to also have some sort of plan when it comes to the weekend.

2 – We feel guilty when we have indulged

During a diet, if we break from what we 'should' be eating and indulge in something that we believe to be ‘bad’ for us - we feel guilty for what we have done.

Whilst in this negative state, temptation creeps up and hits us when we are most vulnerable. This may lead to further indulgence of something on our ‘naughty list.'

Wave goodbye to your “Sod it, I will start again in Monday” excuse! 

3 – We have a mind set issue

The weekend has become synonymous with relaxing, partying, unwinding and generally letting go of the week day shackles. Therefore we already have it in our minds that the week is there to be good and strict, and we can be liberal at the weekend.

This in itself is a massive mind set issue.

You see, to be successful long term, we need to shift our mind set to thinking over the period of a month, rather than a week and then over a year, rather than a month.

Our bodies don’t reset themselves at the end of each day, week or month…..the calories we consume carry over to the next day and so on. Therefore if we over indulge excessively at the weekend, we are very likely to undo all the good work we've done during the week.


How can we overcome these issues?

Most people are off work at the weekends.

Therefore we theoretically have more time to:

  • Shop for our food
  • Prepare our food
  • Enjoy eating our food

To that end, we should be able to be more on point during the weekend. Time cannot be our excuse if we follow these simple rules:

Plan ahead

We all enjoy the naughtier things in life, be it something sweet, savoury or alcoholic. If you are planning to have some drinks at the weekend, allow for them in your total weekly calories. Know what you're putting in your body and track your intake using a platform such as MyFitnessPal.

Enjoy your treats

Don't fall into the trap of feeling guilty if you indulge, this will only lead to a negative mindset of which you'll just keep going back for more!

Instead ENJOY IT. If you have planned for it already then there will be no need for guilt, only the need to savour the wonderful taste and get straight back on that wagon to success!

Control your portion size

Drinking 10 pints, then eating a takeaway is only going to lead to a beer belly ladies and gentlemen! Why not try one of the following:

  • Replace your pints for bottles and try a low calorie beer like Coors.
  • Try Gin and slimline tonic, or have soda as a mixer with your spirit.
  • Share a dessert.
  • Have A piece of chocolate, NOT the whole bar.
  • Have a starter OR a dessert, NEVER BOTH.

Eat regularly

By eating little and often (4-5 small plate meals) you will train your stomach to accept that food will be coming at regular intervals, stopping the release of signals that make you feel hungry all of the time. It will also add routine into your weekend and stop you from eating TOO BIG, as you can tell yourself that the next meal is not too far away.

If you are going out for a meal, then adjust what you eat during that day BEFORE the meal. Stick to a few portions of protein and lots of vegetables. Stay clear of sugary foods and starchy products such as complex carbs. Basically you will be leaving room beforehand for the extra grub that is coming your way.

Exercise at the weekend

We don’t like to give this one as advice normally, as you can never ‘out exercise’ a poor diet. However.... You can earn your indulgence with an intense workout. At least this way, your body will be primed to handle the extra calories more effectively.

We have 3 different training sessions every Saturday here at Average Joe's Fitness, so there really is no excuse!



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