We are now a full month into 2019, so it’s a great time to take a breather and evaluate whether you’re nailing your health and fitness resolutions or not. The good news is that there’s plenty time to adjust – You can still win if you’re willing to evaluate your choices and make much-needed adjustments.

The process is fairly simple and painless, but requires a commitment to reflect, refocus and reframe. Use the following questions to help change your strategy and meet your goals:


• What has gone well for me?
• What could I improve?
• What has motivated me in the past?
• What has helped or prohibited my progress?


• What will motivate me now to achieve my goal?
• What steps can I take tomorrow, a week from now, a month from now, and six months from now to work toward accomplishing my goal?


• How can I approach my goals differently?
• What tactics can I use that I haven’t already tried?
• What’s working well for me and how can I take those strategies to get me one step further?

Remember to keep a positive mindset as best you can. Many goals take a long time to accomplish, but a good attitude and strong vision will help you stay on course. Don’t forget to reward yourself (with non-food items, please!) by celebrating small accomplishments along the way.

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