Michael Pilkington

First photo comparison I’ve done since I started just over 3 months ago. 10kg/22lb off and I seem to have grew a neck, kind of happy about both ha! Cheers Bev & Joseph for keeping the pressure on in classes. I’d never have the motivation to do it going to a regular gym.

Michael Pilkington October 10th 2019

I've always enjoyed exercising with a personal trainer, but when mine unfortunately moved away, I decided to try Average Joe's. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I thought small group training might mean people had their own groups of friends: this is not the case at Average Joe's. Everyone was very friendly from the get go and I soon become 'one of the regulars.'

Having had a lifelong battle with my weight, I was determined I didn't want to stop exercising just because I was pregnant. With Joe's guidance I continued training safely until I was 33 weeks pregnant! I was able to join in with the regular classes but was given modified exercises where needed. Following the birth of my daughter I returned to Average Joe's and again have received the correct support I needed to safely return to exercise and rebuild my strength. All thanks to Joe and Bev's time and knowledge. I honestly can't thank the Average Joe's team enough! x

Kerry Laws
June 19th 2019
Pat C

I've been going along to Average Joe's since July 2018. I was a weak woman, with a big birthday a couple of years ahead. I didnt want to be a weak over 60 person. I've since grown muscles where I didn't expect, my mental health and self esteem have grown with the support and encouragement of Joe, Bev, and my fellow gym buddies. The gym has helped me cope with major life events, such as the death of both patents. I look forward to the humour, the music...yes...even the sweat! Every session is a challenge, but I've made progress..even my boxing strength is better....going to keep working to be leaner and fitter with the support of all at Average Joe's. Thanks everyone !!

Pat C, June 1st 2019

Two years ago, I started my recovery following a PTSD diagnoses. My primary focus was treating my Mental Health as naturally as possible; I decided that exercise would be the right place to start. For me personally it was incredibly daunting walking into a new gym, especially a mixed sex gym, however, when you are greeted with smiles and made to feel welcome by your fellow gym members, you quickly leave that feeling behind.

I have learnt over the past two years that it is paramount that you never compare yourself to anyone else, you are never bored with your training and that you always push your boundaries and test yourself. I love that at Average Joe’s your training is personal to you, there is never any fear of boredom (I cannot think of one FIT class that been the same),

If you are considering that first step into fitness or want a new challenge, I highly recommend Average Joe’s. AJ'S encapsulates positivity that is needed in the fitness industry and you will be supported by two professional, wonderful, kind hearted trainers in Bev and Joseph who are clearly passionate about what they do. My Mental Health has improved on a life changing scale thanks to exercise, I am medication free, and as an additional bonus I am 100lbs lighter and six dress sizes smaller. I am excited to see what the next two years of training at Average Joe’s will help me achieve and I am truly grateful to Bev and Joseph for helping me with this next chapter of my fitness journey.

Sherrie Carrick
May 12th 2019
Joseph Bell Joseph Bell, May 1st 2019

Been training at average Joe's for approx 18 months. amazing place to train, excellent coach's and good variation of classes, very friendly and an amazing social atmosphere . can't recommend it enough.

Wayne Goodwin Wayne Goodwin, May 11th 2019

Great atmosphere,motivation and energetic training!

Paul Shill

Many people think that going to a gym like Average Joe's is only for people that are already ‘fit’, I can tell you categorically that is not the case. I’m talking from experience as somebody that used to be 22 stone and could barely run a mile, to now where I am 13.5 stone and ran my first full marathon recently.

Average Joe's caters to people of all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels and everybody is extremely supportive, not least the instructors. Both Joe and Bev are excellent coaches and really help everybody get the most out of each session. Everybody has different goals when they walk through the door at Average Joe's, some want to lose weight, some want to add lean muscle mass, some want to be fitter and some just want to be involved in the social side of it; all of these are catered for. I genuinely can’t recommend Average Joe's enough.

Paul Shill, April 25th 2019
Danni Kennedy Danni Kennedy, December 20th 2018

I can’t recommend this place enough. Both Joe and Bev are amazing at what they do and are helping me daily to achieve my fitness and nutrition goals. Everyone at the gym is so friendly I always feel at ease and get pushed to my limit!

Ashleigh Duggan Ashleigh Duggan, February 11th 2019

This is a well overdue review, I’ve been going since May 2017 and still love the place, the sessions can be brutal, but so worth it you know they’re making a difference. Joe has the patience of a saint if you’re struggling with an exercise and won’t just let you carry on if you’re doing something wrong, he’ll help you get it right, the sessions push you to your limit but I’ve never been so fit and strong in my life. Everyone who goes to the classes are also so helpful if you need them, whether it be for spotting or just a bit extra encouragement. Highly recommend the place.

Pat Craighead

Most ‘un-boring’ gym sessions I’ve ever been to.....and I’ve been to a few in my time! Great challenge and encouragement big 60 is 3years away.....but what a super crowd to be amongst as we work on our weak arms apparently! Thanks Joe!

Pat Craighead, August 1st 2018
Kerry Laws Kerry Laws, July 10th 2018

Excellent place to train, can't recommend it enough. Joe has supported me to initially lose weight & now to train right through til 31 weeks pregnant. Joe's knowledge and enthusiasm is exactly what I need & what keeps me coming back.

Bev Buckley Bev Buckley, July 1st 2018

Absolutely amazing facility can take your fitness to a whole new level here. ..suitable for all fitness levels and average Joes.

Catherine Anne Kennedy

This is a well over due review - We joined Joe's September 2017 and its one of the best things me and my hubby have ever done. We were not your typical gym participants, I'm overweight, and not very mobile and suffering from health issues some woman have in their late 50's.
We were immediately made to feel at ease and told its never to late to start! and 10 months later we are still going!. Its a long journey, but with Joe's help we have become fitter & thinner, ( I've still a way to go 🙂 ). - joining AJs has meant a total lifestyle change for us. - Joe arranged a programme suitable to meet our needs, and we are now much more active, more conscious about our health and our whole well being has changed.
Joes knowledge patience, enthusiasm and dedication has helped us with this.
we can't recommend AJ's enough..

Catherine Anne Kennedy, June 27th 2018

Another great session today. This place is brilliant.

Sam Ks
May 12th 2018
Mariel Van Arkel Mariel Van Arkel, January 15th 2018

Joe's boundless energy and enthusiasm make this a fab place to train. Each session is different and suits all abilities. Joe treats everyone with respect and encourages them to keep going even when we think we have nothing left.
It's also a super non judgemental environment that is relaxed and welcoming.

Nicholas Angus Nicholas Angus, December 22nd 2017

Joe is a gentleman who treats everyone as an individual no matter of ability. Every class is tailored to suit all members yet he manages to motivate everyone individually to meet their own goals.

I can't say enough about AJ's.

Michelle Turnbull Michelle Turnbull, December 12th 2017

Loving these classes!! Every class is different and numbers are kept low so gives you much more personal training! Great way to keep fit and get in shape!!

Tisa Lawson Tisa Lawson, December 12th 2017

Great members and fantastic trainer!
Highly recommend 

I've been doing average jos trainin just after having my second baby for just under 3 month now. People who have had a second baby should no how hard it is to get your body back! Wel I'm now at my target weight and I'm the best shape I've ever been in my life thanks to Joe. I've got two weeks left and i wil post my b4 and after pics. Over the moon xxx

Louise Wilkinson
November 24th 2017
Martin Hoobs

Absolutely love this place, Joe's a great trainer and just what I've been looking for since my old place closed cant recommend this place high enough.

Martin Hoobs, October 26th 2017
David R Cook

Joe is a great and patient trainer and really helped to push me hard on my first trial session. Will definitely be signing up!

David R Cook, July 6th 2017
Barry McDonald

Really good place to learn to do hiit and weights and to improve fitness levels Joe is a really friendly coach and really push's you to your limits and he answers any problem s being diet or training , 5 + stars.

Barry McDonald, May 6th 2017
John Knight

I attended the Circuit Training today & it was fab. This was my first training in about 3 months so was breathing through my a.... Fantastic tuition & I felt very well looked after during the class. This is also pay as go so works well for me as I travel a lot with work.

John Knight, May 6th 2017
Scott Smith Scott Smith, April 7th 2017

First week in and feeling amazing. Great buzz and atmosphere. Here's to more weeks of hard work and awesome results!

Michael Ellison Michael Ellison, January 18th 2017

Great session this morning with Joe at 7:15 absolutely knackered but totally worth it back home by 8 30 and ready for long day at uni a head defiantly motivated after that session.