Average Joe’s have recently sponsored two local kids football teams: Washington Athletic and The Felling Magpies.

Being a community based business, it has always been important to AJ’s to give a little back. After all, many of the team’s parents train with us – including the team coaches – and some of the kids themselves have even attended our Family Fitness sessions. But our reason for sponsoring the teams runs deeper that this alone, and here’s why…




We seem to have landed ourselves in a world where there is less and less value placed on health and fitness. As a nation we are getting lazier, sadder and well, fatter by the day! But is it any wonder, when so much importance has been placed on academia, almost impossible homework tasks and exams that benefit the system more than the human being? How many kids are told to go home and make up their own workout and do it and report in on what they did or show proof of it the next day?

Ok, ok, rant over. My point is that maybe if we had children spending more time playing sport and keeping fit, we could transform everyone’s thinking on fitness for life. Maybe then fitness would become built in to our culture, like reading or maths is.


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