Average Joe’s are excited to now be stocking Pots O Gold: a range of revolutionary high protein meals that are freezer friendly.

Each pot contains:

  • A full chicken breast
  • Basmati rice as a low gi carbohydrate
  • And some steamed veg to add fibre and nutrients.

These pots are perfect for anyone in training looking to gain muscle or lose fat. The range incorporates a full mix of food suitable for people who need convenient, healthy food that doesn’t take forever to prep and has a taste that is second to none. Average Joe’s are passionate about real food and are looking forward to sharing our enthusiasm with our clients at the launch of Joe’s Kitchen on Friday evening: let the tasting commence!


Gold Standard Nutrition was born when a group of fitness professionals and meat tradesman combined their resources and expertise, after discovering that together they could provide convenient, nutritious food with absolutely no compromise on taste, quality or value.

The primary aim was to create the ultimate frozen ready meal. Something you could prepare in matter of minutes that wasn’t full of carbs, sugar, preservatives and all the other additives you usually associate with ready meals.

After extensive research and development, the Pot o Gold was born, a perfectly balanced meal that included enough carbs to fuel a workout but enough protein to recover from one. And the best thing? Total cooking time was just 6 minutes. AMAZING!

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