So, are the new Reebok Nano 8s any good? Following the recent 2018 CrossFit games I was quick (and very eager) to get myself a pair ordered.

Over the past week I’ve been testing them out around the gym. Here’s how they’ve Performed so far:


The Nano 8 is pretty decent looks-wise. In my opinion. But to be honest, the shoe I wear to train is much more about how it performs than how it looks.

There are a few plus points to the Nano’s image worth mentioning though:

  • The lack of REEBOK branding splashed across the shoe.
  • Similarly, the minimal use of the word “CrossFit” – which makes a nice change from some of the other brands out there.
  • The option to customise the shoes with your own writing via the Reebok website – free of charge but a little quick to peel off!


These trainers are constructed well. Just like any large shoe manufacturer, Reebok’s quality control is pretty great due to the following:

  • They have an exclusive contract with the hottest workout craze around.
  • The shoes have proven they are made to take a beating, being worn by the top athletes at the 2018 CrossFit games.


With the Nano 8, Reebok has chosen to use a protective shell called ‘Flexweave.’ It’s kind of like an exoskeleton that allows the shoe to be breathable, yet durable. So, far in my testing, it’s worked out quite well – my feet feel protected but not too hot.


The pattern of the sole is multi-directional to allow for change of direction and extra grip while training. There are slits cut in the forefoot to allow for flex and unbeatable comfort.


Overall: I’m impressed. The shoes perform well, are durable, comfortable and come in at a decent price point.

Order yours from: 
or check out our previous blog post for some other training alternatives:



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