Are you enjoying your workouts? Because it really does matter!

Imagine for a moment that you are a child: running back and forth, chasing bubbles, jumping and grinning without a care in the world. 

When you’re finished playing, do your parents ask you how many shuttle runs you did? Do they compliment you on how many calories you’ve burned or how you’ve just worked off that ice cream cone? WE THINK NOT!

Skewed Views

People who struggle to maintain a consistent exercise routine often view working out as being boring or not worth the effort. Avid exercisers often believe they need to go to war on their body to ensure their abs remain chiseled! Neither approaches are particularly useful in the long-term.


Our bodies should be forced to adapt to the additional physical stress in order to maintain a healthy heart. However, within that challenge there can be enjoyment. There’s one very simple guideline to follow with physical activity—if you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

Get your ‘fun’ on

Playing and having fun eases our burdens. It renews our sense of optimism and opens us up for new possibilities. “Having a laugh” is what is missing from a lot of our physical activity as adults and our need for variety and challenge can be buried by our sense of responsibility. We “have to” work out, so it can’t possibly be fun. Finding a way to give yourself a physical challenge while doing something you love is a great way to find long term fitness success…

How we keep things fun at AJs:

  • We have a laugh!

Probably the most important factor, and what our trainers love most about our clients, is the banter. Spending time with good people, doing something we love. Laughing with others distracts us from the (sometimes painful) experience of physical activity, and who wouldn’t want that!

  • We challenge each other.

Finding alternatives to working out in the gym gives us all a larger sense of enjoyment and fulfillment. The Average Joe’s team have recently taken part in the No Ego Challenge, Rough Runner and the Durham City Run: proving exercise isn’t a chore.

  • We support each other.

Feeling part of the Average Joe’s fitness family makes the tough times more bearable. Many of our clients come to us to lose weight or transform their bodies – which we all know, isn’t always a walk in the park. Being around like minded people in a friendly, non-judgmental environment makes this ordeal a hell of a lot more bearable. And dare I say it… FUN!


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